6 Things You Should Want in a New Website Design

It’s old. It’s kitschy. It’s dysfunctional. It’s your website and it was designed pre-millennium. So you’ve decided you want a new website design. Welcome to the modern era of online marketing! There are loads of current concepts to consider using up-to-date market research and expert advice about what works best.

Let’s take a look at 6 things you’ll want in your new website design:

1. Want effective website design? Ditch the clutter.

Let’s face it – cluttered website design is out. Products, services, offers, videos, social media icons, happy client logos… they’re all important, right? Right, but put them all on your homepage and you risk visitors being unable to find what they want. Too many options leave visitors overwhelmed and not knowing what to do next.

Visitor engagement is improved by using a simple, elegant theme on your home page and no more than three attributes describing your business, product or service. Display your single most important call to action near the top centre of your home page in a contrasting colour. Remember, in website design, ‘less is more’ and separate landing pages do the heavy lifting for related services and products.

2. Want to keep’em on site? Write simple homepage headlines.

Your homepage is an introduction. The first headline should clearly explain your business and benefits in very few words (about 4 to 12) so readers immediately understand what you offer.

Think of meeting a new contact at a business conference. Do you begin with a monologue about everything you can think of? Or do you deliver a short, perfectly crafted elevator speech?

Say what your business does. Name a benefit. Solve a problem. Give readers the desire to learn more. Then add your call to action.

3. Want clicks? Write irresistible landing page headlines.

Good landing page headlines pique the reader’s interest while telling exactly what the page is about. Define the purpose of your landing page and lead your readers to the main objective. Do you want them to subscribe? To download? To register? Keep the headline short and snappy and consider bullet points describing why they should click on the next action button. Try a little humour or suspense to keep them on your page and moving toward your goal.

4. Want user engagement? Use images.

Do your calls to action stand out as part of your website design? You can draw attention to action buttons and encourage visitors to click with a few simple images. For example, point to your ‘Get it Now!’ button with an arrow. Can you position your ‘Sign Up’ button so that it’s in the hands of an agent? Maybe you can make your button appear to be inside a shopping cart. Think creatively, but make sure your call to action stands out.

5. Want’em to ‘get it’? Use online videos.

Your visitors want quick, easy-to-understand information about your product or services. Make it simple to see how your product works with demos in online videos. Video guides, tutorials and real people talking favourably about your business will provide the details readers need to become engaged and take the next step.

6. Want to be a thought leader? Add a blog.

Regularly writing a blog is one of the best ways to get established as an industry authority. It’ll also increase user engagement and drive traffic to your website. Add informative or entertaining posts with images or online videos to keep it interesting. Then share links to your posts via social media.

Do a little research to find topics of interest to your audience. To research their preferences and boost user engagement, try adding a short survey (no more than 3 questions) directly onto your blog page. Provide links to your other landing pages if appropriate and don’t forget to reply to any questions or comments.

Your website is the front window of your business. Make sure visitors want to come in! To attract new customers, dress it up with a web design that employs the most recent marketing principles. To discuss ideas for your new website design, call Print Three Burlington today at 289-812-7727.