Experience A New Way of Printing With Print Three Burlington’s Xerox Colour 800 Press

Print Three Burlington is pleased to announce we have a new in-house printer with extended printing capabilities. Print Three Burlington’s Xerox Colour 800 Press printer delivers vibrant, high-definition image quality and a wide colour gamut that brings images to life. Here’s what to expect from this high-quality printer.

Ultra High Image Quality

Ultra HD has nothing on this! The Xerox Colour 800’s printed pieces have such high quality, you may not even realize the images are printed! Using special dry ink technology, this Xerox printer produced captivating, vibrant images that command attention.

State-of-the-Art Technical Specs

Xerox Colour 800 can handle a wide range of media from lightweight 55 gsm to a hefty 350 gsm and runs all paper weights at a speed of approximately 80 pages per minute.

Crisp, Vibrant Colours

Xerox’s colour management technology has a closed loop process to enable vivid and consistent colours. We can print at 2400 x 2400 dpi with excellent sharpness and uniformity. The Xerox delivers outstanding midtones, crisp text, pure neutrals, detailed shadows, bright highlights and excellent photo rendering. Combining the Xerox Colour 800 Press with expert operators allows Print Three Burlington to set the new benchmark for colour quality and consistency, from page to page and job to job.

Unique Printing Effects With Clear Dry Ink

With Clear Dry Ink, maximize design flexibility for just about any type of promotional piece. It not only adds visual-appeal, but makes your designs completely unique and eye-catching. Stand apart from competitors with creative designs that capture customers attention and deliver a clear message.With Clear Dry ink it’s possible to create dazzling effects – see below for details on some of the effects that can be achieved.

Add Clear Dry Ink For Texture

Applying clear dry ink over an image or text, creating a tactile dimension that catches the eye and spurs action.Select one key area or several to create the visual impact you are looking for. Clear Dry Ink also enhances textures on a single printed surface to give the digitally printed piece a high-end, polished look.

Highlight Key Features or Images

Add Clear Dry Ink to certain areas of a photo to reach out and grab the reader’s attention, or designate Clear Dry Ink to highlight just a few of its features like a model’s eyes or the headlights of an automobile. Clear Dry Ink can also add a texture over a photo, giving the illusion of dimension.

Make Text Pop Off the Page

It’s not just imagery that can fly off the page! Apply Clear Dry Ink to one word (or several) to draw attention to your message. Adding Clear Dry Ink to the focal point of the piece, like a heading or variable information,captures the eye.

Increase Colour Depth and Sheen

By adding Clear Dry Ink over a solid colour, you can increase the depth and overall sheen of that colour, making it seem to lift off the page! This effect works best with lighter colours to create subtle, interesting patterns and to show off graphics.

Create a Metallic Effect

When you design in PANTONE Metallic colours simulated in CMYK and add a layer of Clear Dry Ink on the Xerox Colour 800 Press, your printed pieces offer a rich, metallic sheen. This effect adds a touch of classic sophistication to any printed piece!

Add a Tinted Varnish Effect

Create a subtle varnish effect by adding a light tint to a design and then apply a spot of Clear Dry Ink over it. The tinted effect can be its own design element, or when applied over text and images, can draw the eye to key features of your design.

Built-in Security Feature

Clear Dry Ink is a great security feature that can be used as a watermark.It disappears when the document is copied. Clear watermarks can also be a powerful yet subtle design element to elegantly help you make your point. These subtle, authenticating marks can provide notice for copyrighted materials or discourage copying of coupons and tickets. Watermarks are seen, but since Clear Dry Ink has no Pigment, they cannot be copied or scanned. Repeat a watermark across the entire document as part of a background for a more subtle approach. Watermarks can also quietly reinforce your message or evoke a mood.

Seal and Protect Your Work

When you cover an entire page with Clear Dry Ink, it adds a dramatic, soft offset-like sealant for those pieces that are prone to wear from handling. Covering an entire image will even out sheen and enhance the depth to photos and a smooth, consistent look across the image. Flood-coating with Clear Dry Ink also enables you to evenly print on textured papers for better digital image quality.

Print Three Burlington’s Xerox Colour 800 printer gives clients access to new capabilities for printing creative promotional materials that stand out. Whether you have a design in mind, or would like us to create a custom piece for your business, contact us to learn more! Reach us at (905) 333-0606.