Grab Your Customers’ Attention with Custom Calendars

Busy people often take a look at their calendars several times a day. It doesn’t take a marketing genius to figure out that sending a custom branded calendar to clients and potential clients is a great way of keeping your company name, services, and logo top of mind. Custom branded calendars make a thoughtful gift, and they’ll actually get used.

Custom calendars, complete with personalized dates (closing dates, sale dates) can help ensure that, consciously or unconsciously, your business (along with your phone number and hours of operation) are an arm’s length away. Here are the various means that personalized calendars can boost your business.

Types of Custom Calendars

Designing a proper calendar for your intended recipients is as important. For instance, the impact of a wall calendar will be diminished if you give it to a salesman who works out of his car. In this case a pocket calendar may be more appropriate.

Print Three Burlington can create different custom calendars including:

  • Desk calendars
  • Flip calendars
  • 1-3 year calendars
  • Branded calendars
  • Magnetized calendars

Magnetized calendars allow the customer to take your company information home (it’s on the calendar) and place it in a prominent place in their home (the fridge) where it will both hold up their kids’ drawings and be a constantly reminder that they are your favourite customer.

Calendars Aren’t Just For Clients!

Motivating employees and keeping them productive has become a prime strategy for driving success in small businesses. Creating a branded calendar to hand out to employees to remind them of important dates and deadlines, and keep track of meetings, is a inexpensive but strategic move.

Including motivational images, quotes or even office photos on a calendar can provide some monthly inspiration, while keeping focus on your business goals.

A Personalized Calendar Adds a Personal Touch

The best part about designing custom calendars is that you can personalize them to be most useful for your customers. Sure, you probably won’t want to make an individual branded calendar for each of your hundreds of customers, but, if you have a few special customers who contribute to the bulk of your business, you can make a personalized calendar that catches their eye and incorporates important information that will be useful to them. Here are a few ways to do that:

  1. Personalize dates: remember to include dates that are important to the company, as well as personal celebrations (such as birthdays), if you know them!
  2. Personalize reminders: Indicating a date is one thing but a reminder a week or a month before an important date helps ensure the work gets done. A reminder to begin Christmas shopping in October can help save time and avoid frustration.
  3. Colours, photos, themes: if the recipient of your calendar just returned from European trip, photos of the Eiffel Tower and Colosseum might be a fun way to personalize their calendar. If they love soccer, that goes, perhaps some imagery from their favourite team is appropriate. A classic car aficionado might appreciate some photos of rare vintage cars.

Contact Print Three Burlington now for more information about our custom calendars and how we can help you design and print one for you or your business.