How Mailers Capture Your Customers’ Attention

With the rise of the digital age, and the ubiquitous nature of smartphones and communications devices, it’s easy to understand how some businesses forget about print marketing pieces. We all want to stay on trend. It’s important not to forget tried and true marketing, like direct mailers – they’re just as effective as they’ve always been, and with so many businesses flocking to digital options, they may even make your business stand out more!

Print Three Burlington’s team can help your business communicate your brand message effectively on direct mail, postcards and other print marketing pieces affordably. We can assist or manage the entire process, from designing the creative, to setting up your database, all the way to distributing your pieces.

Here are some of the types of direct mailers to consider:

Unaddressed Direct Mail

These mailers are created to appeal to a broad market. They aren’t usually created specifically for the person who receives it, however, they can include variable data printing if there is information that you want to change on each.

Why choose this type of direct mail?

They’re easy to create, and can be distributed in bulk affordably, and are perfect to promote a sale or event in a certain area. They have a broad appeal, due to their generic nature. With the right creative message, they can be quite eye-catching.

Print Three Burlington can help you with the creative design and printing of these pieces, as well as integrating variable data printing and distribution.

Addressed Direct Mail

Addressed direct mailers are created specifically for the recipient who it is addressed to. They can include special promotional information for the person receiving it using variable data printing.

Why choose this type of direct mail?

Addressed direct mailers that are customized for individuals are proven to be much more effective and can have response rates as high as 10 times a standard unaddressed direct mailers. This means you will often see a much higher ROI on these marketing pieces.

We can custom design and print these mailers for your business. We also offer additional customization, including folding, custom envelope printing, variable address printing and labelling, inserts, seals and paid postage. Ask a Print Three Burlington printing specialist about your vision, and we’ll help you make it a reality!

Print Three Burlington’s Mailing Services

Sending out direct mailers can be a tedious and time-consuming process when taken upon yourself. Print Three Burlington aims to simply the process of sending out your company’s direct mailers. Our team streamlines sending out mailers with their experience and professionalism.

We offer a variety of mailing services to save you time and money, including:

  • Inventory management
  • Pick, pack and ship programs
  • Inserting and labelling
  • Warehousing
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Setting up mailing databases
  • Presorting for Canada Post
  • Address accuracy sorting (to save money on duplicates)
  • Electronic ordering
  • Custom pURLs
  • Variable data printing

Contact Print Three Burlington today at (905) 333-0606 to get in touch with a direct mail expert who can help your business design, print and distribute effective direct mailers, custom-made for you.