What You Need to Know About Content Marketing and How it Can Boost Your Business

In our consumer-based society, lifestyles revolve around goods and services – stuff that we, as consumers, need. How do you get ahead in a world dominated by customers who want to know everything?

You provide them with information.

Before making a purchase, consumers want to know, for example, if there is a better snow blower available. Or whether a new camera will integrate smoothly with their existing photo software. Or how long the warranty lasts on a vacuum. Provide these answers about your specific products or services.

A New Way to Get Your Message Across

Instead of being inundated with ads, we actively seek out the answers to our questions. Companies can now publish stories or videos on how a snow blower’s new features can make life easier, or how effortlessly this camera will sync with your existing computer setup. The information, at first glance, isn’t meant to sell you the products, just give you the straight up facts. However, just like an ad, this marketing strategy persuades consumers about the benefits of owning these products and makes them more likely to convert into a sale, all without seeming like a pushy ad strategy!

This marketing strategy is what we call content marketing, and it represents one of the important methods of advertising online, particularly since the web has become the primary way that people seek out information before making purchases. Not to say that content marketing is a new development; think back to those consumer report magazines back in the day; they’re an older version of content marketing!

Traditional Marketing Has Evolved

If you haven’t already noticed it, the rules of marketing and advertising have changed a lot over the years. Momentous changes, many of them brought on by the Internet, but also PVRs, smartphones and tablets, has made it so that we can ignore many forms of traditional advertising, if we want to.

With the customer in control, companies seeking to advertise their wares are turning to content marketing because it is now one of the most-effective means of engaging a prospective client or consumer, in a more subtle and helpful way.

What’s Involved in Content Marketing?

Content marketing can be an article, a blog, a video, a white paper —any medium that can provide a customer with information.

Companies are producing reports, stories, blogs, web content and videos about their products. This methods of advertising takes time and effort to produce – you have to sit down and write a blog, or edit a video, but they’re extremely effective at getting in front of consumers, and converting them into sales.

Does Content Marketing Work?

Thanks to the Internet, information about products is widely and freely available. Given the advantages of search engine marketing, a story about cameras synching with software that is written and developed by the camera company can rank as high as an independent newspaper story about the same topic.

Once you have engaged a potential customer, content marketing strategies allow you to continually build a bond with the customer as long as your trust is justified by informative content that does not lean too heavily into blatant advertising.

What Makes Great Content Marketing?

Content marketing requires two key elements: telling a story, and providing information. Write about how the goods and services you have to offer can be used to a consumer’s benefit, but also how you understand and are an expert on the consumer’s problems, and have the solutions to fix them. Present yourself and your business as an authority on the subject and bring your skills or products to their attention.

Be Straight-Forward About Your Expertise

Consumers have a wide array of information at their fingertips. Trying to present yourself as something you’re not can backfire quickly. However, the consumer will respect you if you give them independent, thoughtful and straightforward data. That’s how trust is built. If you have a great company that has something to give to the world, objectively place yourself beside your competitors and show the world why you’re the best.

People can smell an ad a mile away so be sure not to taint your content marketing with too much of a sales pitch. Get professional writers to create your web content for you; they’ll make your story more readable and more credible.

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